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Dream it, Make it, Break it, Fix it [entries|friends|calendar]

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January 29th, 2007
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long time no updato. [Saturday
October 8th, 2005
[ mood | kinda bummed out ]

okay--so its been like a month since ive updated..
ive been using myspace and neopets..haha, okay but lets see
this week has been the im vs. khs games. lets say those didnt go to well, but its all in good funnn.
thursday nikki slept over because her dad had to get surgery--so we hung out and went to the freshman game, the frosh won, so thats good. but we left at like halftimeishh and went to my house (me hammy nikki jake and cory) and we watched tv for a little bit and then they left cause jake had to find some hot girl he was looking for or something..yeah, so then we came home did hw and went to bed.
friday um, went to school and stuff...and thenn went and ran car errands and came home and got ready-went to walmart, picked up some sweatpants for the game- with mat jaime and nicole and then came back here. buck was here so we hurried up but nicole didnt make any cause shes gay so i did and i wore them and they were warm and i was happy and we lost the game but i left at halftime again with katie and eric and we went tping. it was sweet. then we went to the bonfire for the school and chilled and then left with people and met up with a crappppp load of people to name a few: me, nikki, russel, eric, kate, justin, josh faccio, chris frey, claire, liz, melissa, courtney, becca, mike, and alot of other people we picked up and some i dont remember...so we toilette papered again and i went home around 11:45.
i woke up at like fricken 9:00, and came downstairs only to find no one was on msn. and then i went and layed around on the couch and stuffff and it was boring and my mom went shopping and i didnt because i wanted to go to the game and see cory. so me and my dad went to walmart and got his oil changed and that took like fricken 2 hours cause it was so busy in there so we got some stuff, walked to radio shak and got batteries for my key unlocker thingy, and then on the way back we stopped at the petstore by save alot--and i went and looked at the pets and there was a gigantic hampster furry thing, and like the biggest tarantula ever. it was hairy--and it was climbing up the glass wall of the tank and it almost got to the top and it fell down and i was like haha stupid spider, but then i took the time to think, you know, if i were that spider, i wouldnt wanna live in a glass cage with fake sunlight and be fed gross crickets, id wanna run free and then that brought me to thinking about the itsy bitsy spider, and i almost wanted to cry even though tarantulas are the sickest things ever--but im off topic--so we left the pet store because all the stupid animals were sleeping in woodchips and we went back to walmart, got the car- it was 12:30 went home. got home, ate. went to the game at 1:15. saw people chilled and then we lost the came. and cory didnt come and i was mad and i left. and came home and did apsolutely nothing from 4-7, besides sleep. so i woek up and cleaned my room and my fricken brothers room cause it was messy from idiot nicole and then i called kate and my mom got home from shopping and i got subway and watched americas funniest home videos with my family. kate called at like 10:27 and came and got me and we went toilette papering again---and we stopped and saw tony that was fun. but kate farted and it really smelt gnarly. and now im home and bored and i was just talking to drunk josh and justin, but they got off line..and everyones out getting drunk

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September 12th, 2005
[ mood | this icon looks like a red cat ]

hm, i've been very busy lately actually.
lets see, i havent updated for a long time so i dont know where to start
this weekend was kinda boring, i hung out with cory alot (not saying cory is boring or anything).
we watched anchorman and team america, i thought team america was pretty funny but i liked anchorman..i never go to see the whole thing. ive been busy on myspace so i havent had time for lj (if anyone wants to add my myspace; its second//hand//smoke
besides that is has been extremely hot here. today it was like 90, and yesterday it was hot and on saturday. yesterday was corys bday--also september 11th, so i bought him a balloon and baked him a cake and went shopping for all that stuff with jakey..it was actually really fun and we drove out to timberstone and tied the balloon to corys car and then he came and we ran away, speaking of timberstone.. me and cory went golfing the other day. haha it was horrible, i put little smielys and rainbows and hearts for my scores because they were that bad..hehehe.
um.. yeah i dont remeber what i did this weekend really.. and then of course school last week and then i cant remember that weekend either..damnit
well ill update when something exciting happens

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randomness [Wednesday
August 31st, 2005

_tuxedo_  tagged me..
List five songs that you are currently 'digging'. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good. But they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your 'blog' along with your five songs. Then tag five other 'people' to see what they're listening to.
1. jack johnson- better together
2. the format- first single
3. panic! at the disco- its time to dance
4. frank sinatra- come fly with me
5. common- go
i tag:

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August 30th, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

nicole said my last entry was boring, so heres a picture post for the un-amused.Collapse )

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were so, c-c-c-c-c-controversial [Tuesday
August 30th, 2005
[ mood | i luv this smiley. ]

okay, so today was the first day of school.
we went over the rules in every class, that would be about 8 times.
the same thing as last year b-o-r-i-n-g.
i have no one in my art class that i like
but i have no homework.. so thats good
um..the fair is in......3 days. yesssss, i love the fair so much..
and the weather report said 80...last time i checked it, and its 69 degrees right now..bah. good.. if i cant enjoy the hot weather because im in school, then i hope its cold forever until summer.
i might be getting a maroonish? blazer, for a car. its cute..kinda, well actually i love it. but some other idiot might be buying it.
i wish friday would just come because i dont want to wake up at 6:15 tomorrow.


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August 29th, 2005
[ mood | just really blah. ]

well school starts tomorrow.
im not that excited, but im kinda sick of summer..sitting around and stuff, its too cold to swim anymore, so i just end up sitting around the whole day
cory works all the time so i get bored
anyways, last night, cory came over at like 6, and we went to darlenes for a cook out, and then came back here and watched the vmas
and sat on the couch for like, 5 hours, and then went out on the trampoline and looked at the stars
but then clouds came, so at 11 he left
and i went to bed, and fricken carly calls my cell phone "private number" i didnt even answer because it was 12:45 and i was tierd, and i wanted to sleep so i got a message about "dile" having one testicle smaller than the other or something, idk
and then at like 2:30, cory calls and i dont even know what he was saying i was jsut getting pissed off cause i wanted to sleep.
so i woke up at like 12:45 this morning
and then on...saturday, was jakes "suprise birthday party".. we all went out to his cottage, that was fun, i got to frollic through a field of flowers
and run through a corn field...and ride on a 4 wheeler..
and then me, jake, nicole, cory, bobby, dan, jess, (i think thats it?)--went back to jakes, but jess didnt come, and we went in the hot tub and stufffff.
and then we all went to andersons and sat around and then i went home at 12.
woah, like..i started alot of these sentances with and. but anyways- today, i woke up at 12:45 like i said, and then my dad came home, and we went to maurices and i got a job application, and then we went to my moms store, and then came back here, i ate. and he left, but then he came back with the car i might be getting:).. a blazer, its tight. but idk, so we looked at it, and then now im sitting here
and today is jakes birthday...so happy birthday jake.

btw heres my semester 1 'n 2 classes--tell me if you have anything w/me.
2005-2006 classesCollapse )

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goodwill pictures<33 [Monday
August 22nd, 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

mk, so today was school pictures at 9:30..took forever- the end
then me and nicole went to st. vinnies, nothing there.
then we went to get an energy drink..
we also got some fudge..cheesecake and raspberry chocolate or what not.
and then we ventured to goodwill.
and thats when the fun began:)

tons of pictures Collapse )

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August 21st, 2005
[ mood | blank ]

yeah so, last night was the most boring night of my life
i watched bliss, and some other sex show
then i had a dream i got married
the end.

do you wanna fall apart, i cant stop if you cant startCollapse )

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comment to be added [Wednesday
May 18th, 2005
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150 things [Tuesday
October 26th, 2004

150 thingsCollapse )

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inhaling autumn [Monday
September 20th, 2004
You dont think i can live without you,
im breathing.
You thought id come crawling back,
im walking.
You thought my heart would break,
its cracked.
I thought you would ask,
you didnt.
I thought you would wait,
you rushed.
Im still here,
Exactly where we left off
You wont remember
You wouldnt try to.
I try not to,
but my heart reminds me
Bringing back memories,
of you;
of me.
Im glad your not apart of this,
Youre everything BUT this.
Youre not anything,
not that i can remeber.
youre just change;
Like summer to fall
inahaling autumn.
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